Hair follicle-targeted therapeutics

Delivering drugs to the hair follicle

Follicle Pharma is taking follicular diseases treatment to the next level with a new class of topical targeted delivery systems designed to overcome the unique challenges of intra-follicular delivery.


Hair follicle penetration

Reaching the follicle efficiently and selectively, with the right active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) has been a challenge for decades in a variety of disease in which either the cause or the symptoms take place at the follicle.

Located in the deeper skin layers, and having a unique structure, the follicle can be extremely hard to reach with certain APIs.

With our proprietary, patented, technology platform Follicle is able to re-introduce APIs that have been ‘out of the game’ until now due to the delivery barrier, and successfully harness them to address the numerous unmet clinical needs in the field of hair`s follicular diseases.



In some cases, for lack of an effective intra-follicular delivery, doctors prescribe oral medications with the hope that a fraction of the API would reach the follicle and treat the problem.

Side effects, sometimes devastating, often completely prevent the use of what could have been the perfect treatment.

Follicle’s targeted delivery system is tailored to the APIs, based on our proprietary technology platform, so that the drug product applied topically reaches the follicle in a selective manner, but does not cross the skin significantly into the blood system.


Follicular conditions

The follicle is a key in a large variety of dermatological diseases and indications. From different types of hair loss (male alopecia, female alopecia, chemotherapy induced alopecia) through auto-immune diseases (alopecia areata, Lichen Planopilaris) to viral diseases (Shingles, Trichodysplasia Spinulosa).

In most of these conditions current treatments are either not effective enough or involve side effects mainly due to the delivery challenge. Follicle addresses these challenges with our new technology platform.


Follicle’s technology platform and IP are based on the research of particle behavior in emulsions and hydrophobic active ingredients. This IP and knowhow, allows us to tailor compositions and processes for each relevant API/use.

Follicle Pharma was founded in the unique framework of Mii Fund and Labs. The company is managed and operated by its founders together with the Mii team at the Mii Labs R&D center in Rehovot, near the Weizmann Institute of Science. This ecosystem has granted the company access to resources far beyond the reach of a “common” startup company.

Product pipeline

Androgenetic Alopecia
(male hair loss)



Dr. Doron Friedman,

Co-Founder & Managing Director

With more than 80 patents, many of them in the field of drug delivery systems, Doron is one of the most active pharma inventors around. His innovations are behind drugs selling under some of the world’s leading brands — products such as Lotemax™, Scytera™, Finacea™ and others. In MII Doron is an investor and inventor. He is one of the founders of MII, and the inventor behind a couple of its portfolio companies.
With a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from the School of Pharmacy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Doron has published over twenty peer-reviewed papers and over eighty patents in the field of drug delivery systems. Doron is the proud inventor of Lotemax™, Scytera™ and Finacea™ among others. He has also served as CTO at Pharmos Corp., and was a co-founder of Foamix Ltd (NASDAQ FOAMX), and ICDPharma Ltd.

Dr. Friedman is a co-founder of Foamix (NASDAQ FOAMX), ICD Pharma, Seanergy Dermatology and Foillcle Pharma. Formerly he has served as VP R&D of Lipocure and has led R&D in several other companies. Doron was a research associate at the liposomes and membrane laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a lecturer at the School of Engineering at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He held a post doctoral position at the School of Pharmacy Ann-Arbor, Michigan in Prof Gordon Amidon’s laboratories.


Doron holds a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Hebrew University Jerusalem.

Eran Perry,

Co-Founder & Managing Director

For the past 15 years Eran has been intricately involved in healthcare innovation, both as an entrepreneur and as a venture capital investor.

Eran is deeply rooted in the Israeli life-science ecosystem as a co-founder and board member of several pharmaceutical companies including ICD Pharma, Musli Thyropeutics, Seanergy Dermatology, Follicle Pharma, and others. He serves as the Chairman of the Investment Committee.

Formerly, Eran served as a Managing Director and Partner of Israel Healthcare Ventures (IHCV), a healthcare focused venture capital group, as a consultant in McKinsey & Company, serving clients worldwide in the Pharmaceutical, Telecom, and Government sectors, and as a member of the Global Marketing group at Novartis Oncology in New Jersey, USA.

Before moving to private sector, Eran served in the Israeli Ministry of Justice, as a Senior Advisor to the Director General of the Ministry.

Eran holds an MBA from Columbia University, an LL.B. in Law from Tel Aviv University, and a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Jerry Shapiro, MD

Dr. Shapiro is one of the most experienced hair dermatologists in the world and has specialized in hair disorders for the past 25 years.

Prof. Antonella Tosti, MD

Dr Tosti is Fredric Brandt Endowed Professor of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at the University of Miami.

Prof. Maria Hordinsky, MD

Maria K. Hordinsky, M.D. is Professor and Chair of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus, and Director of the Clinical Research Division.

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